Counsel Masters Achieves Target Returns for Mamsha Ahl Misr Project

Counsel Masters Achieves Target Returns for Mamsha Ahl Misr Project

Since managing the Mamsha Ahl Misr project, Counsel Masters successfully meets the project’s target returns, Invest-Gate reports.

This achievement includes establishing the site as a prime venue for cultural and artistic events and a key tourist attraction for domestic and international visitors.

The company has also ensured regular maintenance of all project components to maintain the quality of buildings and facilities, reduce future risks of malfunctions, and guarantee the sustainability of high-quality services for visitors and customers.

Moreover, Mamsha Ahl Misr is a national project initiated under political directives to enhance the quality of life for Egyptians. The project aims to increase the per capita share of green spaces and open areas for recreation, provide tourist attractions in Egyptian cities, beautify the Nile’s frontage, and offer various activities to meet Egyptians’ needs while generating economic returns. It includes tourist development and investment projects like docks, floating theaters, restaurants, cafes, services, and retail outlets.

Furthermore, the government, in collaboration with Counsel Masters, has successfully completed the first phase of the Mamsha Ahl Misr project. The second phase, which is set to be managed by Counsel Masters, will extend 3.2 km from 15 May Bridge to Qasr El Nil Bridge and from Imbaba Bridge to Sahel Bridge, further enhancing the project’s reach and impact.

Also, since its inauguration 25 months ago, the promenade, managed by Counsel Masters, has emerged as a premier tourist destination. It attracted a staggering 2 million visitors in 2023, many of whom have shared their experiences on social media, effectively promoting Egyptian tourism and significantly boosting foreign currency revenues for the state.

Notably, Counsel Masters, in collaboration with City Edge, representing the New Urban Communities Authority, has agreed to maximize the promenade’s revenues and create job opportunities and investment units by utilizing the river port to attract luxury tourist boats, fully licensed and accredited to serve both Egyptian and foreign promenade visitors.


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