Counsel Masters Attracts Major Brands to North Square Mall in New Alamein

Counsel Masters Attracts Major Brands to North Square Mall in New Alamein

Counsel Masters attracted top brands to open branches in the “North Square” shopping center in New Alamein City, Invest-Gate reports.

The mall’s unique features, including its direct view of the Mediterranean’s beautiful beaches and the city’s promenade, combined with a surge of tourists for the summer season, have been key factors in this success.

For his part, George H. Metry, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Counsel Masters, highlighted the company’s success in establishing North Square Mall as the leading shopping and entertainment destination in the North Coast.

Metry noted that the mall served over 100,000 visitors during the summer of 2023 and expects to double this number in the current season with over 70 new brand branches opening.

Moreover, Counsel Masters, responsible for managing and operating North Square, has secured over 70 global brands for the mall. These include companies in entertainment, dining, apparel, furniture, banking, and various other services, ensuring that all needs of New Alamein’s residents and visitors are met.

Also, this has cemented North Square Mall’s status as the Northwest Coast’s premier shopping and entertainment destination.

Furthermore, this development aligns with Counsel Masters’ strategy to provide a world-class tourist experience for both Egyptians and international visitors during the summer season, which begins on June 13, 2024.

Over and above that, this coincides with the upcoming second edition of the New Alamein Festival, featuring sports, arts, entertainment, and fashion events from June through October.



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