Counsel Masters Reveals Summer Events in North Square, New Alamein

Counsel Masters Reveals Summer Events in North Square, New Alamein

Counsel Masters, the esteemed consulting firm renowned for its commercial agency services and hotel management expertise, announces the summer season launch of the summer season in New Alamein City, Invest-Gate reports.

These events are going to coincide with the grand inauguration of North Square. Notably, Counsel Masters will encompass various events, artistic displays, fashion shows, and other entertainment events

Since Counsel Masters is responsible for managing and operating North Square in New Alamein City, the company targets delivering an experience that adheres to international tourism standards and attracts global and local brands.

Moreover, the company will host activities and seasonal cultural events aligned with the national objective of crafting exceptional tourist destinations that meet international benchmarks.

For his part, George Metri, Chairman of Counsel Masters, expresses the company’s dedication to making a memorable summer season, leveraging their prowess in managing notable tourism projects.

Metri explains the significance of North Square as a jewel in the Mediterranean coast, stating that Counsel Masters is impeccably equipped to orchestrate activities befitting this prestigious project, adding that “Counsel Masters aims to breathe life into summer activities spanning the realms of recreation, culture, and society, eliciting boundless excitement, and cultivating profound interest in this promising region.”


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