DHL Express Egypt delivers happiness to the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, under the initiative “Paper of Hope” on World Cancer Day, Invest-Gate reports.

According to the official statement, the DHL Express Egypt team hands out wigs for girls who lost their hair to chemo, along with backpacks. A hairdresser accompanies the team to help the children try different wigs, to find something fitting, and thereby choose a favorite match.

DHL Express Egypt Country Manager Ahmed El-Fangary expresses, “We are glad we were able to take part in this project. DHL Express Egypt is always keen to give back to the community, as social responsibility is a big part of DHL global strategy.”

During the visit, the DHL team takes all advised COVID-19 precautionary measures, from wearing facemasks to applying social distance and disinfecting everything circulated among guests.

He adds, “Our strategy 2025 is focused on sustainability. Our purpose is connecting people, improving lives. Through our services across 220 countries and territories, we facilitate global trade and contribute to economic development and prosperity. DHL has launched numerous initiatives and programs, including GoHelp, in partnership With the United Nations in Disaster Management, and GoGreen to protect the environment.”

“At DHL, we utilize our expertise to make your logistics greener and more sustainable. The Paper of Hope project is one way to apply circular-economy principles: to eradicate waste and retain more of the value that goes into your products. Our GoGreen program allows us to work on measures to help minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment, where we became 35% more carbon-efficient than in 2007,” El Fangary concludes.

Paper of Hope is an initiative by DHL Express Egypt employees, who participated in the company’s Got Heart global competition to present new ideas to help the community. Under this initiative, DHL collects all its used papers and cartons from its offices and warehouses and sends them to be upcycled into usable products. The proceeds from selling these products are used by DHL Express Egypt to help charitable organizations.