“EG Towers” Development launches “Eins Towers” project, the first hotel towers, under German management, in ​​the New Administrative Capital, Invest-Gate reports.

Ahmed Diab, sales director of Sari Real Estate, says that the project is designed in a German style, and is managed by a German company specializing in hotel management. The project has different designs with a special character that combines modernity and tradition.” It includes areas starting from 40 meters standard, suitable for all categories, with payment systems, ranges between five years to 10 years, with contracted advances starting from 10%”, he adds.

Diab says that the price per square meter ranges between EGP25,000 to 32,000 for fully-finished, furnished hotel apartments. “The project achieves the highest and fastest rental return for clients”, he confirms.

On His part, Ali Al-Saadani, marketing director, says that the project is the first of its kind with a German partnership in the Administrative Capital, with international standards, to be the most important hotel destination in the heart of the downtown NAC.
“The project is distinguished by a unique location, which provides all clients with the best investment opportunity ever”, Al-Saadani continues. He further stresses that cooperation with a German company maintains the quality and continuity component of the project. Al-Saadani asserts that EG Towers plans to be one of the leading companies that strongly contribute to the implementation of the comprehensive urban development plan of the state. Sari Real Estate company undertakes the exclusive marketing of the project, according to a company press release.