Egy Crete, a subsidiary of Capriole Group, is to expand in Upper Egypt by launching a plant for cement and interlock products in Beni Suef in 2024, Invest-Gate reports.

EGY Crete’s plant will supply interlock tiles and top-notch myriad cement products to Upper Egypt’s national projects, including that currently taking place in Halaib and Shalateen.

Mostafa Mufeed, vice chairman and managing director of Capriole Group, states, “EGY Crete, kicking-off Upper Egypt’s projects back in 2018, expects a nationwide developmental drive to be unleashed, starting from the heart of Upper Egypt in 2022-2023.”

Additionally, he clarifies that EGY Crete has supplied up to 200,000m- tile-interlock pavers to the Upper Egypt provinces of Beni Suef, Almenia, Suhag, Aswan, Halaib and Shalateen, Al-Fayuom, El-Menia El Gedida, Luxor, Qena, Al-Farafra and Akhmeem. “The group’s strategy relies on taking part in the development and renovation of national plans,” he adds.

Moreover, Mufeed reveals that the group strives to expand through setting up factories in Upper Egypt, so as to keep pace with the development drive and the mega projects in progress in Upper Egypt. Furthermore, he declares that Egy Crete plans to open a new plant in Sadat City next year and inject EGP 100 mn of investments to expand in the Egyptian market during 2022.

It’s noteworthy EGY Crete seeks to bring into Egypt the latest types of ceramic-like tile-interlock pavers that come with sizes ranging from 40×40 and 60×60. Such products were used up in several mega projects, including Mamsha Ahl Masr, New Administrative Capital, together with privately-owned projects, including shopping malls and compounds. Also, the company will manufacture interlock tiles with blended colours.