Egypt has spent over EGP 600mn on infrastructure projects, including rural sanitation, electricity networks, and industrial waste management, across the country, eyeing Upper Egypt in efforts to attract further private investments, Invest-Gate reports.

In an efforts to attract investments across the country and especially in Upper Egypt, the Egyptian government has spent EGP180 bn on construction of rural sanitation projects and EGP 450 bn to develop electricity networks alongside other projects soon- to- be implemented in Upper Egypt, Invest-Gate reports.

Among its plans for the development of infrastructure projects in Upper Egypt, “Minister of Industry & Trade Tarek Nabil is to build networks for industrial waste,” President Abdel Fattah El Sisi announced at the National Youth Conference held in Aswan on January 27.

Minister Tarek Nabil confirmed that Egypt had offered around 10.7 mn square meters of land for industrial activity back in 2016, stating, “We continue to focus on the Industrial investments in Upper Egypt by offering more lands this year as well and investors are promised many benefits especially across Upper Egypt with the soon- to- be enacted Investment Law No8.”

President El Sisi also emphasized that despite lack of resources and proper funding, the government is keen on building at least four urban cities in Upper Egypt the soonest.

During the conference, Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Mostafa Madbouly stated, “We have provided many urban housing projects in Upper Egypt and currently we are to deliver yet another one, targeting middle income citizens of a monthly income from EGP 3500 to EGP 5000.”

“Construction of rural sanitation projects in villages is our current challenge and we aim to finalize some projects in these areas within two years,” he added. Furthermore, the ministry is to develop and enhance all industrial waste networks, rural sanitation stations, and triple the number of treatment plants by end of March.

In less than a month, according to Madbouly, the development of Adly Mansour bridge connecting eastern and western desert roads in Beni Sueif will be completed.