As the real estate industry continues to flourish, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP) projects have become synonymous with flagship exclusive communities, undertaking exponential growth in the country. The company announced their acquisition of 600 acres in a prime land plot in the North Coast expanding their Mediterranean coastline foot-print in continuous rivalry with any world-class destination. HAP has previously established a successful second home resort, SwanLake North Coast; a clear testament of a close-knit community, home to like-minded neighbors in a spectacular natural setting where signature architecture blends seamlessly with cascading land topography offering remarkable scenic views.

The development subject master-planning will include a variety of residential units, all with water features adorning each neighborhood making turquoise pristine water at the residents’ very doorstep. Aside from the residential spaces, the resort will include a clubhouse, a five-star boutique hotel, a commercial hub, an aqua park, sports club, as well as beachfront cabanas. These amenities have developed unprecedented high-quality lifestyles for Egyptian families to enjoy, developing more interest in the destination for long-term investments in master-planned communities.

Hassan Allam Properties CEO, Mohamed Allam explained the values of the company that have inspired the project, ‘’Our philosophy revolves around ‘the art of living well’. For us, this means helping our esteemed customers share the good things in life with their loved ones, whether they are direct family members, relatives or even friends.”

Allam continued: “Driven by our brand promise, where family comes first, we are glad to expand our footprint in North Coast with our upcoming project sizing 600 acres in a super prime land plot complimented by a five-star luxury boutique hotel. We are expanding significantly, whilst maintaining the values of a boutique development. This means attention to minuscule detail, quintessential lifestyle services, amenities and facilities which promise our clientele a conveniently pleasant close-to-heart experience.”

The current housing and infrastructure sector stands at a record of EGP 400 bn. As the improving economic performance in Egypt provides more consumer confidence, Egyptians have enhanced assurance to invest in real estate. With this in mind, demand for real estate purchase has significantly increased in the past couple of years, with the North Coast becoming one of the most sought-after investment for purchases in the country.