Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, is following up the implementation status of the underway development projects in different sectors in New Beni Suef City, Invest-Gate reports.

For the housing and services sector, El-Gazzar notes that 5,304 housing units for the medium-income cluster have been implemented, following the presidential initiative “Housing for All Egyptians”, at a cost of EGP 520 mn, in addition to a social unit building within “Build Your Own House 1” at a cost of EGP 1.8 mn.

El-Gazzar also followed up on the implementation of a nursery building within the social housing area and buildings at a cost of EGP 1.6 mn, in addition to the implementation of a police station at “Build Your Own House 2”. The projects also includes raising the efficiency of 81 low-cost housing buildings at a cost of EGP 13 mn, in addition to upgrading 17 other building at a cost of EGP 2.5 mn.

For his part, Essam Badawi, head of the New Beni Suef City Development Authority, clarifies that the utilities sector includes the completion of a lifting station No.2 and the expulsion and slope line of 900 mm at a total cost of EGP 65 mn. Other water utilities are completed at “Build Your Own House” at a total cost of EGP 140 mn.

Furthermore, the facilities of the social hosing area No.3 were handed over to citizens at a cost of EGP 52 mn, while the facilities of social housing plots No.4 were delivered at a cost of EGP 16 mn.

The development authority has also completed the facilities of the youth workshops area for light industries at a cost of EGP 5 mn, and the facilities of the most distinguished housing area over an area of 17 acres at a cost of EGP 3.4 mn.

The completed projects also include all the facilities of the 100-acre premium housing area at a cost of EGP 14.3 mn, in addition to youth workshops in the medium industries area at a cost of EGP 8 mn, and the 700 mm diameter expulsion line that transports treated waste water to the tree forest at 5,000 acres at a cost of EGP 22 mn.

Badawi elaborates that there are other facilities projects currently being implemented in the extension area of residential neighborhoods (seventh – eighth – tenth – eleventh – twelfth – thirteenth – fourteenth) at a cost of EGP 650 mn. The average completion rate in most of these neighborhoods is 85%, in addition to installing 14 disposal devices to calculate the amount of water on the areas, implementing a tertiary treatment plant with a capacity of 12,000 m3/day at a cost of EGP 47 mn, developing a dual treatment plant, in first and second phases, and implementing the third and fourth phases at a cost of EGP 278 mn.

In regards to road networks, Badawi notes that the authority has raised the efficiency of roads at the center of the city at a cost of EGP 35 mn. The authority is working on implementing a project to coordinate, cultivate and raise the efficiency of some roads in the third residential neighborhood at a cost of EGP 17 mn, and a project to raise the efficiency of the road leading to the university technology in the first residential district at a cost of EGP 2 mn.