Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, follows up on the projects’ progress in the New Alamein City, Invest- Gate reports.

In this regard, El Gazzar reveals that the housing projects in the city include distinguished housing, Sakan Misr, Downtown Towers, The Latin District, The 700-acre Area, encompassing 30,887 units under construction.

The minister explains that 840 units (35 buildings) are underway in the distinguished housing, as well as 4,096 units (128 buildings) in Sakan Misr, and 1,320 units (40 buildings) in the Downtown Towers.

Moreover, El Gazzar remarks that the concrete work of 15 residential towers with heights of up to 44 floors is done. In addition, concrete work is underway for another three towers with heights ranging from 100- 170 m.

On the other hand, El Gazzar elaborates that the Latin District extends over 404 acres, with six areas comprising 11,655 units and distinct service areas.

For his part, Wael Samir, head of the New Alamein Development Authority, states that an integrated urban residential compound project is ongoing on an area of 700 acres, comprising about 12,500 units and commercial areas.

For the service area, it includes a 7-km tourist walkway, and Phase I is complete. Besides, it includes the International Alamein University, spanning over 128 acres.

Furthermore, the heritage area covers an area of 260 acres, with 70 entities, in which the concrete work of the projects is done and the finishing work is underway. It is expected to deliver the project in 2022.

Looking at the entertainment area, the completion rate has exceeded 95%, 10 buildings have been operated, and 19 others are available for marketing.

Concerning the infrastructure projects, Samir discloses that 195-km road networks are underway; meanwhile, the 48-km coastal road and 6-km 12 bridges are complete.