El Gazzar Follows up on Projects’ Implementation in New Alamein

El Gazzar Follows up on Projects’ Implementation in New Alamein

Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, follows up on the implementation position of the various projects in New Alamein City, including Beach Towers, Entertainment Area, Downtown Buildings, Heritage City, and others, Invest- Gate reports.

El Gazzar states that the facades of 15 towers are being completed in the beach area in parallel with the internal finishing works and a number of other towers are being implemented, while the work has been completed in the Entertainment Area, which is in the middle of the beach towers area and overlooks the sea directly, including a garage with a capacity of 3,000 cars and a number of shops, in addition to the completion of finishing works on the beach part of the 7-km tourist walkway.

Moreover, the units are being handed over to owners in the Downtown area, which includes 40 buildings containing 1,320 various sizes units, and 24 other buildings (phase II) are being implemented containing 896 housing units with a 50% completion rate. While the concrete works have been completed, and finishing works are being carried out in The Latin District, which is built on ​​404 acres and consists of 6 areas that include residential units, distinct service areas, parking spaces and gardens.

Also, the implementation of the Heritage City project in the New Alamein City is underway, on an area of ​​260 acres and the total number of facilities in the city is about 70 facilities. While a number of faculties of Alamein International University were operated in the academic year 2020/2021.

El Gazzar indicates that 45 residential buildings (1080 housing units) have been completed in phase I in distinguished housing, while 35 other buildings are being implemented in phase II of the project, comprising 840 housing units, and 4096 housing units (128 residential buildings) are being implemented in Sakan Misr with a 75% completion rate, in addition to implementing projects and networks of various utilities and road works.


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