El Gazzar Follows Up on Projects’ Progress in New Mansoura City

El Gazzar Follows Up on Projects’ Progress in New Mansoura City

Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, follows up on the implementation position of the various projects in New Mansoura City, Invest-Gate reports.

El Gazzar indicates that 4,704 housing units (196 buildings) are being completed in “Sakan Misr” medium housing project and 11,232 housing units (468 buildings) are being implemented in “JANNA” luxury housing project and the implementation rate in some locations has exceeded 95%.

Moreover, 58 buildings were implemented in the distinguished housing project of coastal nature, in addition to the implementation of 1,149 villas, containing 2,103 units (499 separate villas, 152 connected villas, 498 semi-connected villas), and the implementation rate in some sites exceeded 95%.

“Phase I of implementing New Mansoura’s Corniche is underway, with a length of 4.2 km. The city also includes a number of service projects, including 2 elementary schools, a health center, 8 commercial markets, a police and fire station, and others,” El Gazzar states.

Additionally, the implementation of the Mansoura International University for Science and Technology, which is located on ​​127 acres, is underway and includes several faculties such as Faculty of International Legal Transactions, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Engineering 1, Faculty of Computers and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering 2, and Faculty of Medicine, noting that the Faculty of International Transactions and Business Administration was operated in 2022 academic year.

El Gazzar confirms that the implementation of the seawater desalination plant in New Mansoura, with a capacity of 160,000 m3/day, on ​​22 acres, is underway, and a power transformer station of 500 megavolts (phase I with a capacity of 300 megavolts has been completed on an area of ​​14 acres), in addition to implementing water, sewage, irrigation, rain drainage, and road works.


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