El-Gazzar Monitors Cooperation Progress with EU on Safe Utilization of Treated Wastewater, Industrial Water

El-Gazzar Monitors Cooperation Progress with EU on Safe Utilization of Treated Wastewater, Industrial Water

Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Assem El-Gazzar has closely monitored the collaboration between the Ministry and the European Union (EU) regarding the safe utilization of treated wastewater and industrial water, Invest-Gate reports.

El-Gazzar emphasized the involvement of the private sector in implementing these initiatives in cooperation with relevant ministries. This effort aligns with the Ministry of Housing’s commitment to maximizing the utilization of available water resources.

In line with these objectives, Sayed Ismail, the Deputy Minister of Housing for Infrastructure Affairs, conducted a meeting with EU representatives and specialized consultants appointed by the EU. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss technical, financial, and economic studies related to the potential utilization of industrial wastewater through partnerships with the private sector.

Attending the meeting were Mohamed Hassan, the Head of the Egyptian Water and Wastewater and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EWRA); Atter Hannoura, the Director of the Partnership Unit with the Private Sector at the Ministry of Finance; Ashraf Fathi, the Assistant Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA); as well as representatives from the Project Management Unit at the Ministry of Housing and the NUCA.

Ismail emphasized the necessity of involving the private sector in the implementation of strategic plans for the drinking water and wastewater facilities sector, specifically highlighting projects focused on the safe reuse of human and treated industrial wastewater. Ismail also stressed the importance of quality control in accordance with laws and contracts by the government sector.

EU representatives expressed their strong commitment to supporting and cooperating with the Ministry in implementing strategies and plans within the utilities sector. They emphasized the importance of engaging the private sector in projects aligned with the green project model, which aims to preserve the environment and adapt to climate change.

During the meeting, EU representatives presented the objectives, components, and timeline of the study. They discussed the study’s foundations, frameworks, and expected outcomes, emphasizing the need to involve all relevant parties from various ministries and government bodies at the national level, particularly those concerned with industrial waste treatment. This inclusive approach aims to maximize the roles of all stakeholders, foster coordination, exchange experiences, and define responsibilities to achieve the study’s objectives.


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