New Tiba is currently witnessing the implementation of many projects in the field of infrastructure, housing, and service projects to attract more investments, confirms Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar.

Moreover, El Gazzar discloses that the sewage treatment plant expansions are being completed with a capacity of 15,000 m3/day, out of the total designed capacity of the plant is 20,000 m3/day.

Additionally, he confirms that 6,912 social housing units are completed with a total value of EGP 900 mn, and 6,386 land plots are delivered. In addition, 98 service buildings are being implanted, varying between schools and nurseries, universities, hospitals, cultural centers, clubs and playgrounds, banks, and commercial markets.

On his part, Mustafa Saeed, head of the New Tiba City Development Authority, explains that a commercial and administrative building project is also underway. Besides, a building for the Luxor traffic department is being implemented in the regional service area.

As for the industrial zone, Saeed declares that it’s planned to cover 382.71 acres, comprising 659 plots with different areas ranging from 300 sqm to 7200 sqm, in addition to allocating an area of 8 acres to establish a storage silo with a capacity of 60,000 acres.

Saeed also points out that the implementation of two sewage lift plants (2 and 1) for the tourist and industrial areas are also underway.