Aiming at exporting the remarkable Egyptian experience in urban development, Egypt’s Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, Assem El Gazzar, presents the government’s achievements during the past seven years to the World Bank’s (WB) representatives, Invest-Gate reports.

El-Gazzar meets with the Dean of the Board of Executive Directors and Executive Director of the WB, Merza Hasan, and the Alternate Executive Director of Egypt for the WB Group, Ambassador Ragy El-Etreby, the ministerial statement discloses.

During the meeting, El Gazzar reviews the projects implemented by the Egyptian government in building fourth-generation cities, foremost of which are the New Administrative Capital (NAC) and New Alamein, aiming to achieve the first goal of the National Strategic Plan for Egypt 2052, which is to double the area of ​​the Egyptian globe.

Moreover, El Gazzar clarifies the government’s efforts in implementing the national road network to connect the existing urban communities with the targeted development areas, in addition to implementing sustainable smart transport projects.

Regarding the provision of adequate housing for all citizens, El Gazzar explains that the ministry is working on providing housing units through a strategy of three axes. Firstly, support young and low-income people through the implementation of the Housing for All Egyptians project “low-income axis”. Secondly, support the middle-income segment through the “Sakan Misr” project and “Dar Misr” project, among others. Thirdly, provide the availability to high-income people through the implementation of luxury housing units.

As for the national project to develop unsafe areas, the minister highlights that the government has implemented tens of thousands of housing units for residents of unsafe areas, whether by re-housing in the same place after re-developing it or by re-housing in projects in other areas that are implemented in urban housing complexes with integrated services.

Furthermore, El-Gazzar remarks on the government’s efforts regarding the implementation of water and sanitation projects, stressing that the government is also focusing on using the latest technology in construction and building, and implementing various projects through cooperation with international companies.

For his part, Hasan expresses his great admiration for the urban renaissance that Egypt is currently witnessing, stressing that what is being accomplished in this short time is comparable to what is being implemented in major countries such as China.