Assem El-Gazzar, Egypt’s Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, meets with Julie Moyo, Minister of Local Government, Public Works and Housing of Zimbabwe, and Sheba Shumbionda, the Zimbabwean Ambassador in Cairo, and their accompanying delegation, in the presence of ministry officials to present the urban experience in Egypt during the era of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, Invest-Gate reports.

El-Gazzar reviews the country’s achievements  in record times in the new cities, especially the fourth-generation cities, which begin to be implemented a few years ago, and have now become leading cities that include various types of housing and service projects, and these cities will also be a witness to the extraordinary efforts that various state agencies are making efforts under the leadership of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to advance the Egyptian state and place it in its rightful place among the nations.

Also, he explains the efforts of the state to eliminate unsafe slum areas in various governorates and to provide housing units, in civilized societies that include various services, in order to settle our people living in those unsafe areas, provide them with a decent life, and eliminate this phenomenon which has irritated the Egyptian state for decades.

El-Gazzar explains that Egypt has achieved a great leap in the drinking water and sanitation services sector, as hundreds of projects have been and implemented and other to be implemented very soon, using the latest technological means, especially in the implementation of sewage treatment projects and the reuse of treated water.

Additionally, he points out that the implementation of the first phase of the presidential initiative “Decent Life” for the development of the Egyptian countryside, which aims to provide various services and provide a decent life for millions of Egyptian citizens who live in rural areas, is currently underway.

For his part, Julie Moyo expresses his desire to transfer Egyptian expertise and benefit from it in implementing development projects in Zimbabwe.