Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar reviews New Borg Al Arab City progress updates of 2021, Invest- Gate reports.

According to a ministerial statement, the implementation of the main utilities project for neighborhoods (five, six, and eight) has been completed, including the implementation of two sewage lifting stations at a cost of EGP 140 mn, the rehabilitation of two lifting stations (A and B) at a cost of EGP 76 mn, and the implementation of the internal utilities of the western central axis at EGP 39.6 mn.

For his part, Ahmed Ibrahim, head of the New Borg El Arab City Development Authority, elaborates that 11 projects worth EGP100 mn are currently underway.

He further adds that the real estate allocations in the city during 2021 have included 28 shops with a sales value of EGP 30.8 mn, 12 plots for industrial activity on an area of ​​148,700 sqm and a sales value of EGP 142.5 mn, and eight service plots on an area of 17,588 sqm and EGP 5.8 mn of sales value.

As for the road sector, he points out that the second phase of the internal roads for plots (7,5) in the fourth residential neighborhood at a cost of EGP 20 mn has been completed.

Moreover, a school in the second residential neighborhood in the third local community at a cost of EGP 27.6 mn has been established,  the ministerial statement concludes.