Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Assem El-Gazzar held a meeting with officials responsible for the potable water and sewage sector to review its development plan, Invest Gate reports.

El-Gazzar also followed up on the installation plan of digital water counter meter and prepaid water meter systems, according to a ministry statement on March 31.

Furthermore, the minister also stressed the need to improve the potable water and sewage system cross-country and to achieve the highest efficiency, as well as, prepare trained cadres to manage and operate the system in the highest possible quality.

The minister asked for a short-time plan to install the new water meter systems, in addition to replacing damaged ones.

El-Gazzar also directed potable and sewage companies to submit competitive offers for the operation of water and sewage stations in new cities since private investments will eventually have a positive impact on this sector.

Further to this, the minister also stressed that the expansion of sewage services for rural areas in a short period of time.