Coinciding with the 48th anniversary of the October victories, Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, states that the Central Agency for Reconstruction has worked on 426 projects in Sinai and canal cities during the last seven years, Invest- Gate reports.

In this context, El Gazzar clarifies that one of the most important projects in Sinai is The Greatest Transfiguration Development Project in St. Catherine, which is currently being implemented, at EGP 3 bn.

As for road projects, El Gazzar remarks that 98 projects with a total length of 926 km are underway, 854 km of which have been implemented, and 72 km are underway, as well as 32 projects in the axis of integrated development for the people of Sinai.

Concerning the residential settlements of development clusters, El Gazzar reveals that the implementation of 18 residential settlements has been completed, in cooperation with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority. Besides, the second phase of 17 development clusters is being implemented to increase the number of Bedouin homes by constructing 950 additional homes. In addition, the work is underway in four settlements of fishermen’s villages in Igzayoun.

Speaking of the housing projects, El Gazzar announces that they include the implementation of more than 16,000 units, varying between Bedouin housing, social housing,  and an alternative to the slums.

For his part, Mahmoud Nassar, head of the Central Agency for Reconstruction, declares that a set of development roads has been implemented with a length of 40 km in North Sinai and a length of 77 km in South Sinai. As for the canal cities, 21 roads and two bridges have been implemented, with a length of 112 km.

Concerning the housing projects, Nassar explains, they include the implementation of 1,738 Bedouin homes, 14,560 social housing units, and 496 housing units with alternative housing for slums. In addition, 286 homes for the priority care families in Ismailia.

Moreover, Nassar points out that utility projects in the Canal cities include establishing infrastructure, water, sewage, and road projects in the industrial zone south of El Raswa in Port Said and the Ismailia Public Free Zone.

Nassar adds that a project is underway to develop the neediest villages in the Sinai and Canal governorates, at a rate of five villages in each governorate within the project to develop 130 villages.