El Gazzar: Tunnel, Bridges on El Sadat St. in Alexandria 65% Complete

El Gazzar: Tunnel, Bridges on El Sadat St. in Alexandria 65% Complete

Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, states that the completion rate of tunnel and bridges construction on 45 Mohamed Anwar El Sadat St. in Montazah, Alexandria has reached 65%, Invest-Gate reports.

El Gazzar adds, “this project’s implementation is started in 2021 by the Central Agency for Reconstruction and it will achieve many important results, such as solving traffic jams in the Corniche Road intersection area, where it will be expanded to become 10 lanes instead of 6.”

In addition to reducing travel times between the south, east and west of Alexandria, they reduce pollution resulting from traffic jams and implement a front walkway directly on the sea.

For his part, Mahmoud Nassar, head of the Central Agency for Reconstruction, indicates that this project has a tunnel that starts from Sadat St. with 19 sqm width and length of 150 sqm length, and the tunnel continues under the Army Road with 60 sqm length, 6 meters height and 24 sqm width.

It also includes right and left pedestrian tunnels of 2.25 sqm in width and 3 meters in height. The tunnel ends from the seaside by turning to the left with 2 bridges separated from each other by 200 sqm length, in addition to a walkway (bridge) on the Corniche Road parallel to the sea with 250 sqm length.



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