Empire State Developments contracts with ACE Moharram-Bakhoum to be the engineering consultant of “El Centro business complex,” in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), Invest-Gate reports.

In this regard, Ahmed Moharram, CEO of ACE Moharram-Bakhoum and founder and managing director of Anchorage Investments, states that the group will take on the role of the project manager to ensure the highest quality of implementation.

He explains that the group provides multidisciplinary services in fields of project management, design, implementation, supervision, and planning, in addition to an integrated set of services and facilities related to construction to meet the needs of each project.

For his part, Chairman and CEO of Empire State Developments Mahmoud Elsarrag comments that the El Centro complex covers an area of 24,000 sqm, and consists of 15 floors comprising three commercial stories, while the other floors are allocated for medical and administrative units.

Moreover, El Centro includes a multi-store garage with a smart parking system. It also has a panoramic view of the central park in the middle of NAC. Besides, its location is close to the Great Mosque of Egypt, People’s Square, the World Capitals Museum, the Government District, Almasa Hotel, Gold Market, Opera House, and Monorail Central Station.