Egypt’s Expo One, in collaboration with Grand Technology, will kick off the “VEstate Expo 2020,” bringing four quarterly live real estate exhibitions to present the first-of-its-kind virtual gateway in Africa and the Middle East, Invest-Gate reports.

“Maximizing benefit and utilizing the live stream as an effective sales and marketing solution, the platform will connect participants with buyers from around the region … The cutting edge technology will allow exceptional tours that will offer maximized exposure through optimized digital channels,” read the company’s press release on August 10.

Seeking an optimum experience and enhanced exposure, the collaboration is deemed to overcome physical restrictions of travel, time, and space, not to mention allowing for further expansions and improvements to the local and regional property sphere alike.

“With that in mind, the true secret ingredient is nothing other than the compelling 360° content that will certainly stand out amidst competition of traditional offline exhibitions … In parallel, the technology will open a wider door for workshops, active participation, learning, and smoother exchange of orders,” it concluded.

Expo One is an exhibition and conference management company that promotes Egyptian pavilions in local and international trade shows. Better yet, Grand Technology – a subsidiary of Mohammed Saif Thabet Group – is a leading content provider that is specialized in next-generation digital solutions, and is the digital marketing arm in many targeted regions.