Vicat Group signs an agreement with the Egyptian government to settle some investment disputes, Invest-Gate reports.

During his visit to Egypt with the MEDEF International French-Egyptian Business Council, Guy Sidos, Chairman & CEO of the Vicat Group, signed an agreement with the Egyptian government represented by the Minister of International Cooperation. Egypt’s Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice attended the event.

Sidos adds, “we want to put Sinai Cement in a better position within the Egyptian market, as the cement industry is and will remain a major strategic sector of the country economy.”

Vicat group, which is a long-term investor in Egypt since 2003 and the main shareholder of Sinai Cement Company, has been committed since then to enhance the Company’s profitability in a tough but promising market.

Moreover, the Group values its close relationship with Egypt, which will remain the key to future success.