Egypt’s Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala El Saeed has confirmed the execution of 416 public developments in the electricity and renewable energy sector, at a value of EGP 95.6 bn, over the past two fiscal years, Invest-Gate reports.

In FY 2019/20, Egypt executed 194 energy projects, with investments estimated at EGP 33.6 bn, El Saeed indicated in a ministerial statement on December 17, highlighting that Cairo topped all governorates with about 60 projects at a total cost of EGP 7.5 bn.

Aswan ranks second with 36 electricity projects, at a combined cost of EGP 3.7 bn, followed by Assiut and Red Sea provinces with 23 and 22 developments, respectively, valued at EGP 9.2 bn and EGP 9.1 bn, separately, the minister further stated.

Upper Egypt and the border governorates accounted for 37% of the total energy projects over the previous two fiscal years, with investments worth EGP 33.8 bn.

Merely 118 projects have been established in Upper Egypt governorates, at a total cost of almost EGP 19 bn, in addition to 35 others in the border governorates for EGP 14.8 bn, she added.

That is besides another 21 projects in Alexandria for EGP 1.4 bn, paired with 16 others in Beheira at an investment cost of EGP 3.5 bn. Meanwhile, 13 energy projects have been carried out in each of Giza and Sohag with investments of about EGP 8.1 bn and EGP 4 bn, respectively.

Meanwhile, Damietta saw 10 electricity developments at a total value of EGP 4.2 bn, whereas nine others have been implemented in Beni Suef for approximately EGP 1.6 bn, El Saeed revealed.

In its statement, the minister also unveiled “the completion of 34 joint projects between more than one governorate for EGP 33.4 bn.”