Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar has announced that 1,080 distinguished housing units, or 80 buildings, have been finalized in New Alamein, out of the total 1,920 apartments underway, Invest-Gate reports.

Additionally, New Alamein’s Sakan Misr middle-income project is witnessing the development of 4,096 housing units, nestled across 128 buildings, with a completion rate of 15%, El Gazzar said in an official statement on July 31.

A total of 15 towers are underway, stretching up to 41 floors and comprising nearly 4,500 units, the minister highlighted, confirming that the towers’ finishing works are being carried out in parallel with construction. He explained that residential units at New Alamein’s downtown area are merely 55% done. Besides, the formation of lakesides and islands in the eastern part of the coastal area is under development.

El Gazzar also referred to the new city’s 260-acre heritage area, which is roughly 47% implemented and embraces nearly 70 services and facilities, including the main lake, a central park, a mosque, a church, a Roman theater, an opera house, a cinema complex, a kids area, a presidential palace, a number of commercial buildings and hotels, to name a few.

Meanwhile, four engineering faculties are set to start running in the next academic year at New Alamein International University for Sciences and Technology, with concrete structures 80% done. Finishing works have been initiated at the 62-acre campus, which encompasses 12 colleges, 34 buildings (faculties, dorms, creative center, library, cafeterias, and others), and Al Alamein National University.