Assem Al-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities and Major General Khaled Abdel Aal, Governor of Cairo, have held an expanded meeting to follow up on the ongoing development projects across the capital, Invest-Gate reports.

These projects include the Maspero Triangle area, and Sour Magra-El-Oyoun in Old Cairo, according to an official statement on November 17.

During the meeting, the minister announced the work progress of the Maspero Triangle project, highlighting that the one of its mixed-use towers is 65% near completion. The Maspero Triangle land size is 6.2 acres. Its towers include a 19220 sqm- basement floor (lower garage) with a capacity of 353 cars, a ground floor (commercial) on an area of ​​16970 sqm, a first floor (upper garage) on an area of ​​15800 sqm with a capacity of 280 cars. The other two towers are for alternative housing, designated to previous inhabitants of the area, who have agreed to return after the development.

In regards to Sour Magra El-Oyoun project in Old Cairo, El-Gazzar points out that the renovation and development plan is underway to include residential buildings, a mall (featuring hospitality standards), restaurants, cafeterias, and tourist bazaars, among others. The minister also stresses on the need to accelerate the implementation rates of these projects, which are subject to periodic follow-up by the political leadership. “All renovation projects currently taking place in our capital are to bring Cairo back to its historical and cultural heritage and glory, while developing a quality of life to its inhabitants,” El-Gazzar notes.