The Egyptian government has decided to set up a legal committee, headed by the chairman of the Council of Ministers, to study the legal implications and determine a mechanism to collect the recently imposed fees on users of coastal beaches, Invest-Gate reports.

Minister of Local Development Mahmoud Sharawy confirmed that if it was appraised that the state has the right to impose such fees, the committee would determine the due value, the authority tasked with collecting the fees, and means of payment collection, according to a cabinet statement on September 4.

This came after news emerged earlier this week that several investors reached out against a ministerial request of retrospect payments of EGP 150 on every square meter of beach space. However, the issue is still under investigation.

The influx of investors and the spawning of resorts all the way to Sidi Abdel Rahman have provided an array of options for sea lovers, particularly on the North Coast, with a special emphasis on the provision of premium and tranquil beach fronts for lavish home buyers.