Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, has stated that 29,496 housing units (1194 buildings) have been implemented in the Social Housing Project, in district Hadayek Al-Asimah (Capital Gardens), highlighting that the current implementation rate is at 47%, while the targeted implementation rate was 34%, Invest-Gate reports.
El Gazzar further elaborated, the current rates are evidence of the quick development ratio in new cities, especially in the Capital Gardens area, given its importance for the New Administrative Capital, according to a ministerial statement.
Furthermore, the Minister of Housing added that several service projects are scheduled to be implemented in “Hadayek Al-Asemah”, including  seven elementary schools, eight nurseries, 11 small markets (eight stores), six playgrounds, four health units, a police station, two bakeries, a mini youth center, a gas station, 20 buildings for investment services, and places of worship.