“Grantie” company announces the inauguration of “ONYX”, the largest integrated medical complex in an area of ​​300 m in Sheikh Zayed with a cost of EGP 10 mn, Invest-Gate reports.

“ONYX” includes several specialized clinics run by the most famous doctors and specialists from Egypt, France, and Germany in dermatological surgery, laser, cosmetic, obesity, nutrition treatments, and female beauty, according to the statement. The company is keen to open its branch in Sheikh Zayed City due to the high population and the development movement in infrastructure, roads, integrated services, traffic regulation, and cleanliness, the statement reads.

Mustafa Fahmy, head of the Sheikh Zayed City Authority, inaugurates the project in the presence of senior officials, businessmen, and a group of public figures, according to a company press release.

Fahmy comments, “The integrated service projects, especially the medical ones, are one of the significant needs to the residents.”
He further explains that the authority is keen to overcome the obstacles that the investors meet, and raise the added value.

Omar Gaafar, Chairman of “Grantie adds that the “ONYX” complex is the first project launched by the company, which was established with an Egyptian-Saudi capital, and plans to establish four integrated medical complexes in Egypt in 2021.

Grantie is scheduled to open three new branches for “ONYX” following Sheikh Zayed branch, in New Cairo, and the North Coast, while the location of the last branch has not been settled yet, and it is expected to be in the Red Sea or Upper Egypt, according to the statement.

He also reveals that the company is to establish two hospitals in West and East Cairo, stressing that the strategy aims to stimulate medical tourism in Egypt and it will be the first center that provides medical and cosmetic services to customers. “ONYX” includes more than 28 doctors, assistants, and nursing such as Dr. Amr Abu Al-Yazid, a consultant of gynecology, obstetrics, and gynecology, Dr. Ramy Al-Hawary a teacher and consultant of general surgery, endoscopic surgeries, Dr. Rehab Mohamed Sobhy, Professor of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, Kasr El-Ainy, Cairo University, and Dr. Ahmed Ali Taha, Consultant Plastic Surgery at Cairo University, the statement concludes.