Hassan Allam Holding announces that a consortium between Hassan Allam Construction and MAB from the United Arab Emirates, among others, is given the authority to provide and operate services and facilities at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques, Invest-Gate reports.

sartorially Hassan Allam, CEO of Hassan Allam Holding, expresses, “It is an unparalleled honor to have be chosen to provide and operate services and facilities at what will be one of the most important museums in the world. Egypt’s rich history and attractions already offer visitors a diverse experience. GEM builds on this and elevates Egypt to a commanding place on the global tourist map. We recognize the unique privilege we have gained by playing such a central role in the Grand Egyptian Museum and are pleased to begin working towards the government’s strategy to develop sustainable museums and attractions.” “Today, our partnership extends further as we work with global leaders from France, the UK, and other countries in the fields of tourism promotion, cultural programming and business management, marketing and quality control to ensure the services and facilities provided at the Grand Egyptian Museum, rightfully takes its place among the world’s biggest global attractions,” he adds.

Hossam Allam, a member of the board of Hassan Allam Holding, says, “The opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum is one of the most anticipated cultural events globally. The Egyptian government’s decision to invite the participation of the private sector in such a large project to provide services and facilities underlines its willingness to test new ways of inviting investment in the tourism sector.”