Head of New Cairo City Authority Monitors Housing for All Egyptians, Sakan Misr Projects

Head of New Cairo City Authority Monitors Housing for All Egyptians, Sakan Misr Projects

Abdel Raouf El-Gheity, the head of the New Cairo City Development Authority, has inspected the progress of the Housing for All Egyptians presidential initiative in the Third Settlement to monitor the project’s implementation, Invest-Gate reports.

The initiative involves the construction of 222 residential buildings with a total of 5,328 housing units ranging in size from 90 to 120 sqm. This project is part of the state’s plan to provide suitable housing, and it is being executed under the supervision of the city’s administration. Emphasis was placed on completing the work within the specified timeframe.

Moreover, El-Gheity also visited the Sakan Misr project in the Exhibition Ground area, where he stressed the need to intensify efforts and complete the site coordination, roadworks, and landscaping in the area. He also followed up on the road construction works in the Gardinia neighbourhood of the Third Settlement.

In a related context, El-Gheity inspected the remaining works of Sewage Station No. 11 and its associated discharge line, which transfers sewage water from the Andalusia area and its extension to Station No. 12, then to the sewage station in the city. This aims to solve the sewage problem in the Andalusia area.

El-Gheity also monitored the implementation of a sewage lifting station in the Beit Al Watan (Narges Extension) land plots to transfer sewage water from the area to the South Investors Station, as well as Station 4 and Station 2 in the Beit Al Watan project.

Furthermore, the tour continued with an inspection of the implementation of a lifting station inside the treatment plant along its dedicated discharge line, reaching the Arab Contractors Sewage Lifting Station.

The project includes a lifting station with a capacity of 450 liters per second, a 600mm diameter discharge line, and a length of 1,200 m. This aims to increase the station’s capacity to accommodate the sewage water from the Third Settlement and handle the excess water beyond the station’s capacity.

Notably, El-Gheity also inspected the ongoing road works in the Eastern Extension area of the city, including the enhancement of Axis “24,” which connects South 90th Street to North 90th Street in the Beit Al Watan area, as well as the internal road works in the neighborhoods of Beit Al Watan linked to the Middle Ring Road.


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