Hometown Developments completes 40% of Zaha Park at NAC

Hometown Developments completes 40% of Zaha Park at NAC

Hometown Developments has announced the completion of 40% of concrete works at the Zaha Park project in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), Invest-Gate reports.

This comes as part of the company’s plan to accelerate project implementation rates, and according to timeline set by the Administrative Capital for Urban Development (ACUD) company. Chairman of Hometown Developments Diaa Eldin Farag says that the company began construction work on the project last December. All precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were taken to maintain safety of workers in the project.

The excavation work and the foundations of the building have now been completed, as well as the whole ground, the ceiling of the first floor, as well as half of the second floor ceiling. Farag adds that a tender has been put forward to choose the company implementing the electromechanical work in the project. The name of the chosen company will be announced next week.
The company has received eight requests for the offer of another tender to choose the contracting company responsible for finishing the project.

He points out that Hometown Developments plans to decide on the company implementing the electromechanical works and the contractor responsible for finishing work in June. The project is located on an area of 7,200 sqm in the MU23 area of the NAC, between R2 and R3. The project is being developed over two phases and consists of 10 floors, with the first phase including three commercial storeys over a total area of 6,400 sqm.

“These phases feature spaces ranging from 35 to 200 sqm, with an average of 30 commercial shops for one floor. Meanwhile, the second phase is comprised of seven medical and administrative floors covering a total area of 17,000 sqm, with areas ranging from 32 to 200 sqm,” Farag elaborates.

He further notes that the project will be delivered in June 2022, which is the date specified in the contract with the ACUD. Farag adds that the company is working at full capacity for implementation and delivery on time, and in cooperation with a number of distinguished companies in the implementation of all project details.

“A contract has been signed with Hassan Allam Property Management to manage Zaha Park project in the MU23 region,” he said, “This comes as part of the company’s plan to establish strategic partnerships with companies that have great experience to complete elements of success in their projects,” he says.

All projects implemented in the NAC will witness a boom in sales during the coming period, with the transfer of employees to government district and the transfer of life to this region. Moreover, the existence of residents and workers requires the availability of services and commercial, administrative, and medical projects, Farag confirms.


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