Housing Minister Reviews Development Projects in New Qena City

Housing Minister Reviews Development Projects in New Qena City

Assem El-Gazzar, Egypt’s Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, has monitored ongoing projects in New Qena City, Invest-Gate reports.

The developments include a variety of residential, service, and infrastructure projects aimed at addressing residents’ current and future needs, boosting development rates, attracting new inhabitants, and increasing occupancy rates.

Moreover, El-Gazzar highlighted that over 700 housing units are being constructed under the presidential initiative “Housing for All Egyptians,” in addition to the 5,972 units already completed in the city. Infrastructure projects, such as water, irrigation, sewage, and road networks, are underway for the industrial and craft areas. Additionally, utility works have commenced for the 600-feddans southeastern expansion, which includes medium-income housing plots and 28 buildings under the presidential initiative.

Furthermore, Ayman Rashad Abdel Hamid, head of the New Qena City Development Authority, reported that road works are progressing in Residential Districts 3 and 4 and the tourist and entertainment areas. Directional signage is installed on main roads, squares, and Residential Districts 1 and 2.

Also, the city’s service center electricity network is under construction, and electrical networks are being implemented in various areas. The first phase of the wastewater treatment plant, with a capacity of 15,500 cubic meters per day, is nearing completion, alongside the design and implementation of tertiary treatment.

Abdel Hamid added that six commercial markets have been completed, with three more under construction. The city currently operates six public and four private schools, and two more schools are being built.

Notably, six nurseries are operational, with two additional nurseries in progress. Health services include two operational health units, a post office, a service and fueling station, and various allocated plots for additional service projects.


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