Kamal Bahgat, assistant vice head of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) for the urban development sector, inspects the work progress of the projects in the New Port Said City “Salam,” accompanied by Magdy Hussein, head of the New Port Said City Development Authority, and other officials, Invest-Gate reports.

The tour includes following up on the worksite of the “Housing for All Egyptians – Low Income” initiative, noting that around 4,340 housing units are underway. For the infrastructure, the road networks, potable water, sanitation, irrigation, and electricity projects are ongoing with advanced completion rates.

Adding to this, they inspect the east Port Said transformer station, the linkage line in the eastern extension of the city, the desalination plant, as well as the water line transferring from the desalination plant to the economic zone.

Bahgat stresses the need to adhere to the stipulated schedules of the projects, as well as the implementation quality, pointing out that this tour comes in line with the periodic follow-up on the work progress in new cities.