Ministry of Housing officials inspect projects in New Sohag City, which has witnessed higher progress rates, especially in “Housing for All Egyptians” project, Invest-Gate reports.

Gamal Talaat, assistant vice president of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), inspects projects in New Sohag City, accompanied by Mostafa Hareb, head of New Sohag Development Authority and other officials.

Housing officials begin by inspecting the three-way sewage treatment plant with a design capacity of 36,000 m3/day. In addition, they witness the experimental start-up of the first phase of the three-stage treatment plant with a capacity of 12,000 m3/day.

Moreover, they tour the “Housing for all Egyptians” project site, in the 138 buildings’ area in the fourth district of New Sohag, which includes about 3,312 full-finished housing units. They also visit the 200-bed university hospital, as well as inspect the city’s main roads and hubs, including a 14-km dual road in front of the city, a 7.3-km road leading to Sohag International Airport and the main hubs at the city’s northern entrance.