NUCA officials inspect New Mallawi City to follow up on ongoing projects. Besides, the implementation rate of the JANNA project in the city has reached 66%, Invest-Gate reports.

Gamal Talaat, assistant vice president of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) for the Development Sector, inspects the work progress in New Mallawi, accompanied by Ashraf Fathi Mahmoud, head of New Mallawi Development Authority, and a group of officials.

New Mallawi City is one of the cities of the fourth generation, 15 km away from Mallawi City. The first phase of the city covers 880 acres, while ​​the urgent phase covers 91 acres. Talaat declares.

Additionally, Talaat clarifies that New Mallawi City’s general plan includes all types of housing, services, industrial and logistical areas, open areas, parks and a tourist walkway. Besides, the city is scheduled to accommodate about 850,000 people.

For his part, Mahmoud explains that the implementation rate of 1,024 housing units in the JANNA project has reached 66%, indicating that the concrete structure of most of the project’s buildings have been completed, and the internal and external finishes have begun.

Moreover, the total investments in housing and roads in New Mallawi City have reached EGP 260 mn, the ministerial statement adds.

Furthermore, 129 distinct plots have been reserved in the first phase of the city and two plots have been allocated for a gas station. In addition, the offering and awarding procedures are now being completed to implement services of the urgent stage (school – nursery – commercial market – health unit).