Gamal Talaat, assistant vice president of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), has inspected the progress of various projects in ​Shorouk City, accompanied by Abdel Latif Bishara, head of the Shorouk City Development Authority and other officials, Invest-Gate reports.

The tour begins with an inspection of the ongoing agricultural and beautification works on the western facade and the new site of the Shorouk Youth project. They follow up on the execution works of the Shorouk Park, the main sanitation station, and the parallel axis of the electric train project.

For his part, Bishara explains that the western facade agriculture project is part of the authority’s beautification plan, and it aims to plant some sectors at the boundary between the western and the middle ring roads. He adds that the area allocated for this purpose is about 15,000 sqm, and its completion rate has reached 95%.

Moreover, Bishara confirms that the Shorouk Youth project’s construction is near completion; and aims to provide residents with job opportunities. In addition, the project’s beneficiaries are transferred from the temporary old site to the new permanent one. He notes that the project’s trial operation will be announced soon.