During the summer internship program, engineering students inspect New Mansoura projects, accompanied by NUCA officials, Invest-Gate reports.

Mohamed Ragab, head of the New Damietta City Development Authority and supervisor of the new city of Mansoura, disclose that the authority has welcomed a delegation of students from the Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in New Damietta, Faculty of Engineering at Mansoura University, and Faculty of Engineering at Delta University for Science and Technology.

This visit comes within the framework of the fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of Higher Education and the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA). Additionally, it aims to inform the students about the most important projects and constructions that are being implemented in New Mansoura City.

During the visit, Yasser Kahla, vice president of New Damietta City Development Authority, has accompanied the students on an inspection tour of a group of projects, including New Mansoura University, Housing for all Egyptians, Sakan Misr, and JANNA.

Moreover, the delegation has inspected the implementation of buildings of service projects that include (schools- medical centers- -commercial markets), as well as projects of the utilities and roads in the city, where the students have expressed their great admiration.