Huawei Technologies Egypt signs a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Housing and Building Research Center (HBRC) and the Engineering Consultants Group (ECG), Invest-Gate reports.

This joint cooperation aims at developing and enhancing the capabilities of planning, implementing, and operating smart cities, and comes as strategic support to the state’s development plan 2030 to transform all cities into smart ones.

Under the MoU, all concerned parties should develop technology and business systems, accelerate the transformation of the smart cities structure and service solutions to achieve sustainable success across all sectors operating inside and outside these cities, as well as facilitating the digital transformation system to implement joint innovations and expand the ecosystem through industry and business alliances, developer platforms, and open communities.

Vincent Sun, CEO of Huawei Egypt, says, “Huawei has managed to build more than 160 smart cities in more than 100 countries worldwide, so Huawei is a leader in providing an integrated set of ICT solutions for smart cities.”

He adds, “This triangular cooperation with the HBRC and ECG will contribute to offering experiences and practices for smart cities,” mentioning that “Huawei will also provide the Open Lab as a platform for smart city suggestions, as well as Huawei will support the development of smart cities in Egypt, due to our belief that we are a major and effective partner for the Egyptian government in supporting and activating the digital transformation system in all sectors.”

Additionally, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, managing director of the ECG highlights, “We believe in this alliance to reinforce the smart cities sector. Besides today’s future requires the adoption of technological tools in all sectors to place Egypt in the world’s smart sustainable map.”

Abdel Moneim adds that “the ECG will provide its accumulated consulting expertise in the target sectors in the field of cities, smart buildings, and digital transformation. This will be through coordination with the HBRC and Huawei to design the test environment required to provide digital infrastructure for various systems and study these results.”

On his part, Khaled El-Zahabi, chairman of the board of directors of the HBRC points out the importance of cooperation between researchers with the development sector of Huawei and the ECG to reach innovative and economic solutions for planning, implementing, and operating smart cities, in addition to developing the engineering codes necessary to guide these cities on a scientific and applied basis.

The signing of the MoU was during the Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Project Management, “Integrated Management of Smart Cities”, in which Huawei participates in one of the sessions entitled “Huawei’s vision and the most important practices in the field of smart cities in Egypt and North Africa”, ​​in the presence of its representatives, Vincent Sun, CEO of Huawei Egypt, Khaled El-Zahabi, chairman of the board of directors of the HBRC, and Mohamed Abdel Moneim, managing director of the ECG.

It worth mentioning  that the Huawei Innovative Center “Open Lab” aims to focus on the market needs in various industries and government institutions such as; transportation, energy, and finance, as well as hardware, software, and services development.