Idia Designs Unveils Preliminary Details on Oblisco Capitale Tower

Idia Designs Unveils Preliminary Details on Oblisco Capitale Tower

Idia Designs, an architectural design firm, has revealed some preliminary details on the chosen design of its New Administrative Capital’s landmark, the “Oblisco Capitale Tower,” which is deemed to surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in stature, Invest-Gate reports.

“It is still a concept,” according to the company’s statement. However, some photos and videos were released, showcasing the tower’s features.

Idia notes that state-run El Nasr Housing and Development is the project’s developer.

“It is a complete community with a business hub, medical city, educational complexes, etc. It will be an integrated project,” Lina Hesham, communication manager at Idia, is quoted as saying.

Commenting on the project’s architectural style, Hesham states, “The first inspiration from was to make a Pharaonic design inspired from the obelisk so we added up the Art Deco as a theme to the project since it is a style inspired from Pharaonic civilization.”

In addition, the Nile River is the second element of inspiration for the landmark’s design; represented in a canal that links the land corners in the project. “This water element will be the main means of mobility in the development,” the design firm notes.

According to the statement, more details to be revealed about the Oblisco Capitale Tower in the near future.


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