Created and master planned in collaboration with world-renowned Italian architect Gianluca Peluffo and Partners, IL Monte Galala – Sokhna is launched by Tatweer Misr in 2015, with investments of around EGP 18 bn. This huge project is witnessing further progress over years, Invest-Gate reports.

IL Monte Galala spans over 525 acres and features 10,000 units, with a beachfront exceeding 1,350 m long. It’s located 45 minutes from the New Administrative Capital (NAC) and close to both the Suez Canal axis and Galala City.

Additionally, the master plan of the project was developed by the Italian architect Gianluca & Partners, in cooperation with the international Egyptian engineer Raef Fahmy.

Tatweer Misr started the project’s construction works in April 2016. The project is home to the first Crystal Lagoon built on the mountains in the world. IL Monte Galala also features the “Base Camp,” a mountain climbing resort that was established by the famous mountain climber and adventurer Omar Samra, and has been operating for the past two years.

Details on IL Monte Galala:

  1. Units
  • Total Number of Units: 10,000 Units
    • First Phase Units: 4,000
    • Second Phase Units: 6,000

*Units size start from 73 meters and up to 500 sqm

  • The project is divided into residential components, tourism components and hospitality components:
    • Number of residential units: 5000 units
    • Number of serviced units: 4000 units
    • Number of hotel room: 1000 units
  1. Hotels
  • Total Investments: Around EGP 2 bn
  • Total number of Hotels: 9
  • Total number of rooms: 1,000

First Phase: five hotels with approximately 300 units

Second Phase: four hotels with approximately 700 units

  1. Mosque
  • The mosque has a unique architectural design and can accommodate 300 worshipers
  • The mosque was nominated for several international awards and was published in the largest international and Italian architectural publications. The design has already won an international award.
  1. Lagoon
  • In collaboration with the International Crystal Lagoon Company, Tatweer Misr is introducing the first Crystal Lagoon, ever in the world, to be built on the mountain stretching on a total area of 40,000 square meters with total investments exceeding EGP 250 mn
  1. Beachfront
  • The project has a beachfront with a total length of 1350 meters and total investments of EGP 1.1 bn, divided into:

The First Phase: 250 meters in length and includes:

  • A scaffold with a depth of 100 meters into the sea
  • Private beach for the owners
  • Wooden Walkway with a depth of 35 meters inside the water
  • Restaurants, water sports center and a clinic

The second phase: 1100 meters in length and includes:

  • Private beach for hotels
  • Yacht Club
  • Beach Clubhouse
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • International center for exhibitions and conferences
  • Restaurants and Retail
  • Yacht Marina which accommodates around 160 yachts
  • Marine Fuel Station.


  • Governmental approvals obtained for the beach:
  • Egyptian General Authority for Shores Protection.
  • Environmental Affairs Agency.
  • Tourism Development Authority.
  • Roads and Bridges Authority.
  • Coordination with the Ministry of Petroleum.
  • Military Operations Authority.


  • Governmental approvals for the following works:
    • A bridge with a width of 15 meters and is considered a platform to facilitate access to the beach
    • The artificial beach and this approval is considered the first of its kind in Egypt.

6. Current Achievements:

  • Total Investments spent: EGP 6 bn from an expected total of EGP 18 bn
  • 400 units in the first phase are in different stages of completion
  • 51% of the total work in phase one has been completed:
    • Stage A: Total of 480 units and is 100% completed
    • Stage B: Total of 150 units and is 60% completed. Deliveries will start at the end of November
    • Stage C: Total of 700 units and is 75% completed. Deliveries will start at the end of November
  • Total network works implemented in the first phase: 10 km networks, representing 60% of the total network volume in the first phase
    • Total investments in networks in the first phase: Approximately EGP 1.5 Bn
  • Deliveries:
    • Number of units ready for delivery: More than 2,200 units
    • Around 700 units will be delivered by end of 2021
    • Around 1,500 units will be delivered by end of 2022
  • Work is underway to implement the beach and marine works, and the total investments allocated for the first phase exceed one billion pounds.


  • Excavation and backfilling works
    • Excavation works were carried out, including 9 million cubic meters out of a total of 9.5 million cubic meters, with a completion rate of 94%.
    • Backfill works: 1.3 million cubic meters out of a total of 2 million cubic meters were implemented, with a 65% completion rate.
    • Retaining Keystone wall works. 150,000 square meters of retaining walls out of a total of 250,000 square meters were executed, with a completion rate of 60%
    • Installing walls made from the natural stones that were extracted from the construction works. 104,000 sqm out of a total of 125,000 sqm with a completion rate of 85%
    • Concrete works were executed in the first phase of 138,000 cubic meters of concrete out of a total concrete volume of 250,000 cubic meters, with a completion rate of 55%.