Invest-Gate Discusses the New Building Requirements in Egypt

Invest-Gate Discusses the New Building Requirements in Egypt

Invest-Gate organizes a roundtable discussing the new building requirements in Egypt, to be held on April 26 at 9:00 pm.

A group of prominent experts and specialists in the Egyptian real estate market are participating to present and exchange views and proposals on the building requirements and the new licensing system. These proposals and recommendations will be sent to the Ministry of Housing officials to be reviewed. Invest-Gate believes that discussing these requirements would contribute to improving the real estate industry in Egypt.

It is important to note that Egypt has prepared these building requirements for all cities through cooperation between the government and the House of Representatives in order to implement the system of new building permits, with the aim of controlling the urban movement and eliminating violations. It will be applied on a trial basis, starting from May 2021, for a period of two months in Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza, then it will be spread across the rest of the governorates.

During the roundtable, the new building requirements and the procedures for issuing building permits will be discussed, in addition to all the details for applying the new building requirements. In the same context, the participants will discuss the role of universities in implementing the new system, and the impact of these requirements on both the real estate developer and the buyer will be evaluated.

This roundtable is sponsored by major real estate development companies: Iwan Developments, Misr Italia and Valda Developments.


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