As part of our keenness to enhance and revolutionize the real estate industry, Invest-Gate is to launch its #DigitalWeek from July 19-22, presenting new innovative means through technology and smart solutions to take the property sector to its rightful course.

Invest-Gate’s Real Estate Committee, along with local and international market leaders as well as technology experts, will share their knowledge and exchange expertise to layout the ins-and-outs of the local real estate landscape as digital technologies become the market’s new hot trend. Accordingly, Invest-Gate’s four-day virtual conference is:

– To create awareness on the importance of integrating high technological and smart solutions all across the real estate scene.

– To feature international speakers, presentations, and panel discussions to shed light on the essentiality of embracing high-tech innovation in today’s property market.


Why Join?

Invest-Gate’s #DigitalWeek aims to equip participants with the most advanced technological and smart solutions to uplift the current property sphere, in a bid to capitalize on the future real estate development, consumer aspirations, along with the ever-changing market conditions. Through the online forum, you will get to discover some of the industry’s cutting-edge tactics … Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from this groundbreaking event:


July 19: Digital Business Development

– PR & Marketing: Tactics & Approaches ⇒ To what extent can the property sector rely on them?

– Rise of Virtual Sales: Shortfalls vs. Benefits ⇒ How can it complement the normal sales process?


Nour El Deen Reda El Serougy ⇒ Digital Marketing Director/Managing Partner, Brand Bourne Digital Marketing Consultancy


– Mohamed Aboulnaga ⇒ Co-Founder/CCO, Halan

– Sherif Saleh ⇒ Head of Marketing, Mountain View

– Ahmed Abdel Fatah ⇒ Business Development Manager, Aqarmap


– Adam Mowafi ⇒ CEO, MO4

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July 20: VR & AI in Real Estate (English Panel)

– Virtual Reality (VR) vs. Augmented Reality (AR) ⇒ To what extent can both different approaches better serve the property market?

– Artificial Intelligence (AI): Revolutionary Trend Forging Ahead ⇒ How can it be an infrastructure tool for smart cities & houses, as well as home automation?

– AI in Data & Analysis


Haitham ElMoheen ⇒ Director, BCIdesign/BCIstudio


– Ali Abdel Ghaffar ⇒  Chief Sales Officer, IGI Real Estate

– Ahmed Salah ⇒ Intelligent Automation & PR Manager, Etisalat Misr 

– Mohamed Farrag ⇒ Creative & Managing Director, 5DVR


– Ajit Jaokar ⇒ Course Director of “Artificial Intelligence: Cloud & Edge Implementations,” University of Oxford

– Marloes Knippenberg ⇒ CEO, Kerten Hospitality

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July 21: Impact of Blockchain Technology on Property Sector

– Blockchain technology awareness ⇒ Effectiveness on real estate transparency, market regulation & streamlining of transactions between developers & government

– Smart solution for an efficient homebuying process


Moataz Hassouna ⇒ Chairman/CEO, IPLUS


– Ahmed Mansour ⇒ Chief Information Officer (commercial bank)/Blockchain & Fintech Expert         

– Ahmed El Boukhary ⇒ CEO, Badgewell  


Mohamed ElKasstawi ⇒ Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer, Tribal Credit

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July 22: Digitizing Real Estate Market Wrap Session

– Wrap up session on how to fit these technological/smart solutions in the Egyptian property market


Fathallah Fawzy ⇒ Founder, Mena Group

Panelists (Invest-Gate’s Real Estate Committee):

– Ahmed Shalaby ⇒ President/CEO, Tatweer Misr

– Amr Soliman ⇒ Chairman, Mountain View

– Nehad Adel ⇒ CEO, KVRD

– Hisham Shoukri ⇒ Chairman/CEO, Rooya Group

– Amr El Kady ⇒ Board Member, Real Estate Export Council

– Waleed Mokhtar ⇒ CEO, Iwan Developments

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To take place from July 19 to 22, regularly from 1-3 pm (Cairo time), Invest-Gate’s #DigitalWeek is being sponsored by Tatweer Misr as the official sponsor as well as Mountain View and KVRD as the #DigitalWeek sponsors, in addition to Nilepreneurs as the strategic partner and Nile University as the learning partner. Better yet, media partners include Cairo 360, Cairo Gossip, and Cairo Talks (Kalam El Qahira).