A partnership between the real estate search engine Isqan.com and Qasatli will digitize and streamline resale installment processes for the first time in the Middle East, Invest-Gate reports.

In line with a mission to digitize the real estate market, Isqan.com announces a partnership with the ready-to-move resale installment company, Qasatli, offering online homebuyers an ability to select tailored installment plans for ready to move properties.

Qasatli, a real-estate consultancy company, allows future homeowners the opportunity to tailor installment programs that match their preferences, hence fostering the real-estate industry in Egypt. The company has several residential and touristic units across different projects around Egypt.

Pioneering in the region, the program is catering to resale units with an aim of making the online process quicker and more accessible. Incorporation of accessibility enables future-property owners to create their own installment plans through the platform.

The options include up to seven years of installments and a wide spectrum of quarterly payments, offering the buyer a suitable plan for every budget. Furthermore, the streamlined application process enables users to get fast approvals hassle free.

Ali Ezzat, co-founder of Isqan.com, states, “Qasatli’s financing options are a breakthrough for the Egyptian Market.  We look forward to providing their financing options to our users making the home search experience as easy and convenient as possible.”

Mohamed Youssef, CEO of Qasatli adds, “We are delighted to partner with an innovative platform such as ISQAN.COM to support the digitalization of the real-estate market and unify our vision for installment plans, which apply on the units that we own and offer for sale. Moreover, this partnership shall also directly contribute to the development of the real-estate and resale markets.”

The partnership is part of Egypt’s move towards digitizing the industry, and both companies seek to make estates more accessible and digitally convenient for all. By opening the resale market to a wider audience of potential buyers, the program will expand the market’s current capacity of units and create more demand on resale properties.

Isqan.com has a short, ambitious timeline in the Egyptian real estate market, and this partnership strengthens the company’s positioning as a progressive startup, as it continues to digitize the market.