With the Coronavirus hit reflecting deeply on Egypt’s education system, IVY International Schools, in cooperation with US-based Harmony Schools, will integrate STEM-focused teaching and learning approaches to its curriculum, in response to the upward trend in homeschooling, Invest-Gate reports.

The newly-introduced system aims to accelerate the digital transformation of Egypt’s educational sphere, as STEM-literate students will be better equipped to handle rapid technological change and will be better prepared to participate in civil society, as highlighted in a recent press release.

Nowadays, Egypt demands a laborforce that is well equipped with the 21st century’s skills. STEM education is a learning approach where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as it applies sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics to enhance competitiveness among learners

IVY’s educational partner, Harmony Schools, is considered the USA’s leading institution in STEM education, blending the highest standards when managing 58 campuses, 34,000-plus students, and 4,055 staff members across the states.