Khaled Sabry Holding announces launching its Ryan Tower project at the New Administrative Capital’s central business zone, Invest-Gate reports.

Ryan Tower spans over an area of 17,900 sqm, and consists of 14 stories, alongside the ground floor. The new tower features various units that could be suitable for commercial, medical, administrative, hotel services (branded residences).

CEO Khaled Sabry states that the company conducted an agreement with Hafez Consultant to carry the responsibility of the design and consultancy work for the project. Sabry adds that the company has already sold the first phase of “Ronza Tower” project. The project’s second phase is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2021.

Ronza Tower is spread over 11,000 sqm in the NAC’s Downtown. It consists of a ground floor, alongside 10 stories. The whole 220 units can fit any administrative, commercial, and hotel services. Regarding the third phase, it will be launched during the last quarter of 2021.

The whole project is set to be finalized by Q4 2024. Sabry reveals that the company has opened its new headquarter in Concord Plaza Mall, designed by the architect Ayman Shawky and executed by Khaled Sabry corporation. The company is also working on launching a new project as part of its 2022 investments.