Urbnlanes, the real estate development agent of Kuwaiti First Group Investments, launches its first projects in Egypt in the field of development, levels business Tower, in the Downtown, with a total estimated investment of about EGP 5 bn, Invest-Gate reports.

Levels Towers spans over an area of ​​18,000 sqm, directly overlooking the Green River, with facade 90 Meters, 41 floors high, on three main streets, and near all the main axes of the NAC.

Levels Business Tower project consists of 41 floors with a height of 153 meters, including 5 floors underground as car parks and 36 repeated floors “administrative – commercial – touristic and hotel”, on a total area of ​​18,000 sqm with a unique and privileged location in the first row in the touristic towers on the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and a direct view on the Green River for all units.

Emeel Abdullah, chairman of Urbnlanes and founder and director of Kuwaiti First Group, says that Urbnlanes is one of the group’s companies, which is established in order to implement giant urban projects commensurate with the size of urban development that Egypt is witnessing now.

Abdullah adds that Urbanlanes’ projects in Egypt aligns with the state’s vision and direction in creating new urban cities and implementing distinguished projects, especially with the interest of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and the government in advancing the development wheel, which encouraged them to work with the same approach and take the decision of investing in the NAC.

Fadi Abdullah, CEO of Urbnlanes , says that levels business Tower project is the first project of  Urbnlanes, with estimated investments amounting to EGP 5 bn, as part of a strategic plan includes launching three projects with total investments of EGP 10 bn during 2022, which the company started with Levels Business Towers project.

Additionally, two administrative projects will be offered in an ideal location in Northern 90th and the Southern 90th in New Cairo, with initial investments of EGP 5 bn.

Mohamed Hafez, the general consultant for the project and chairman of Hafez Office for Engineering Consultations, says that Levels Business Tower is designed with a different and non-recurring idea, as it is a mixture between fun, work and turning art into an architectural masterpiece in order to create a distinctive brand that will be a very strong addition in the NAC, which aligns with the vision of Urbnlanes and the Kuwaiti First Group.