Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, states that next Thursday, September 9, is the last opportunity to reserve housing units offered by the Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Fund (SHMFF), as part of the “Housing for All Egyptians 2” initiative, Invest-Gate reports.

In light of the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) finance initiative at an interest rate of 3% for 30 years, El Gazzar reveals that the offering units include ready-to-delivery ones with areas ranging between 75 and 90 sqm, and prices ranging between EGP 164,000 and 310,000. Additionally, other units are to be implemented within three years, with areas ranging from 100 to 120 sqm, and prices ranging EGP 471,000 to 950,000.

In this context, Mai Abdel Hamid, head of the SHMFF, remarks that the maximum annual net income for low-income single individuals is EGP 54,000 (EGP 4,500/ month), and the maximum annual net income for a family is EGP 72,000 (EGP 6,000/month). Meanwhile, the maximum annual net income for middle-income single individuals is EGP 120,000 (EGP 10,000/month), and EGP 168,000 for a family (EGP 14,000/month).