Leeds Eco, Sky Investment subsidiary, announces the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Kfoury Engineering and Contracting to provide its wide portfolio of clients with cutting edge technologies in the construction sector, whilst delivering quality, safety and economic solutions, Invest-Gate reports.

Signing the deal comes in line with Sky Investments strategy that aims to deliver excellence to its wide portfolio of clients to stay at the forefront of the industry.

“We have numerous investment activities and businesses in Egypt across various industries, including energy, logistics, real estate, and tourism. We aim to achieve high investment returns with our partners. By the cooperation with Kfoury Engineering and Contracting, we aim to expand our projects portfolio and maximize our investments through delivering superior returns to all stakeholders while achieving a positive and sustainable impact on Egypt’s economic growth by providing the latest technology with no compromises on quality,” Maha Gabra, CEO of Sky Investments, comments.

Camila Kfoury, general manager of Kfoury Engineering and Contracting, states that the collaboration is a major step that supports different businesses across various industries. Both entities will be working on integrating experiences to maximize the investment return on the projects and to expand the provision of the services in the Middle East.

Established in 1998, Leeds Eco is specialized in Industrial, commercial and infrastructural projects and offers Turnkey contracting services to a wide range of clients in Egypt. Leeds Eco is a subsidiary of Sky Investment group, which has been investing in Egypt across diverse industries for over 40 years