IKEA, the Swedish pioneer and top-rated brand in furniture and one of Al-Futtaim Group’s companies, has successfully, electronically, and unprecedentedly launched its new edition of the 2021 catalog in Egypt. In fact, the launch coincides with the 70th anniversary of IKEA’s first catalog release, and was curated under the slogan of “Let’s make your home special”. 

This year’s catalog is characterized by impressive price reduction for more than 1,000 products, along with the showcasing of 1,700 new products that suit all tastes. Additionally, the 2021 catalog was launched during an online event held by the company in the presence of IKEA’s experts at the regional level, a myriad of journalists, influential figures, and a group of Egyptian prominent designers.

IKEA’s 2021 catalog, which carries the number 70, offers state-of-the-art solutions, smart advice, and practical ideas that can be implemented at home. It is, indeed, inspired by people’s daily lives, and opts for conforming to the challenges that the world has been facing during this year. Not only did the catalog comprise innovative suggestions for the distinctive homes, but also it included a brilliant set of new released products, as well as, the IKEA’s most renowned products at the lowest prices, in order to provide a more comfortable, smarter, and more sustainable living.

On this occasion, IKEA Egypt Store Manager Thomas Sergey says, “2020 was a difficult year, especially after the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic; however, we, at IKEA, did not lose hope, and were able to duly overcome the challenges that we encountered, by creating new opportunities and standards. Today, we are launching the 2021 catalog, which confirms our steadiness in providing a better daily life to more people. We also believe in the significance of digital transformation, so we have introduced some new services in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers, some of which are click & collect, cash on delivery, IKEA mobile app, virtual interaction and online consulting services.”

Dalia Refaat, IKEA Egypt marketing manager comments, “This year we realized the importance of life at home, so the 2021 catalog comes under the slogan of “Let’s make your home special”, which will enable our customers to utilize their home spaces through practical solutions at reasonable prices, hence provide them with a better daily life. The catalog aims at educating customers about how to disassemble and install products, through real-life examples of people who have transformed their homes into work, study, or play areas.” She further expounds that the launch of the catalog is IKEA’s most crucial annual event, so they were keen on launching it even amid the circumstances that the entire globe is going through. Needless to say, the world is currently keeping pace with changes promptly and easily, by continuing to provide products and services that take into account form, function, quality, and sustainability.

She adds, “The 2021 catalog, from which we launched an electronic version, is also a way to help our customers take advantage and make the most of their time at home. Also, it is deemed as a shopping tool rather than a way to display products. This year’s electronic launch of the catalog came as a result of reducing the distribution and circulation of printed publications, and was within the framework of IKEA’s strategy of wielding the latest methods to distribute the catalog through various digital media channels and platforms.

“IKEA’s main goals are to provide products at prices that suit different segments. This will be conducted via an expansion plan to reach out to new customers in the Egyptian market through our 6th of October City’s new branch, which will be inaugurated next March. It is also expected to host more than 2 million visitors in 2021,” Refaat states.

It is worth noting that IKEA considers sustainability to be one of the most important elements that it is keen on, whether when designing its products or during the conduct of its business. Thus, IKEA’s sustainability strategy is based on making a positive impact on people and society, which is in line with Egypt’s 2030 strategy for sustainable development.